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Bài viết WHERE O WHERE DID WORK ETHIC GO? thuộc chủ đề về Work Ethic Là Gì đang được rất nhiều bạn quan tâm đúng không nào !!
Hôm nay, hãy cùng XÂY DỰNG LÂM ĐỒNG tìm hiểu WHERE O WHERE DID WORK ETHIC GO? trong bài viết hôm nay nhé !

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This video is a rant! Not just a dad or a florida thing . What happened to work ethic and common self respect and hard work in this country?

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  1. Spot on. You said it’s not specific to Florida but it is specific to Florida. The women are more manly and ambitious than the men out here. Florida is a state with very poor work ethic. Yes it is a lower paying state, but that is no excuse for being lazy. If a person doesn’t make enough money in this state then they should move somewhere that pays in accordance to the cost of living. Most areas in Florida have moderate to high cost of living. These younger workers learn these poor work habits from watching their parents handed money from relatives. It’s the entitlement syndrome. I just moved to FL from the west coast of the country, and I have noticed such a big difference in work ethic. Again, great videos. Keep em coming!

  2. 100% True and Accurate – The people this DOESN'T apply to are the ones currently working and have a good work history and who have an education combined with a good work ethic. In other words people who are currently working a good job and career.
    Millennial's ask: Why should I work for $1200 dollars when I get paid $800 dollars for doing nothing?
    2004 – 2018 Business closed down 12/15/2018 after spending $144,000 over 8 years trying to hire anyone willing to work 7-12 days before getting paid. Wage: $10hr – $20hr. (First 30 days paid $10-$15hr depending on basic knowledge of computers, ambition and work ethic and then $18-$20hr after 30 days). We were willing to fully train anyone willing to be trained (100% wanted to train ME a 22year computer veteran. They all were unwilling to put forth the EFFORT to be trained and simply wanted to do what they already knew how to do, because that is much easier than having to put forth the effort to LEARN or be TRAINED and then they can justify wanting to be paid first). This is a serious epidemic and plague on the American work force today. I'm not even sure most people are aware of the seriousness of the current unemployment and employment situation that we are ALL in today.
    What happened to me and my business effects every person in America. And I am an honest and more than fair business man who does not "micro manage" or abuse his/her potential candidates. The proof of this was the loss of a hundred and forty four thousand dollars spent on paying potential candidates (63 total) over the course of 8 years who ended up quitting after 1 to 4 weeks because they wanted to get paid within 7 to 10 days or they did not want to work for their pay or they simply wanted to do less for more. Horrible work ethic and greedy as hell. I might suggest doing another video about this epidemic because I am one of a thousand small business in America that suffered at the hands of the less fortunate people in America who were just too lazy minded to work for their money. Money seems to grow on trees for Millennials and they all claimed to "WANT" money but not necessarily "NEED" money. The more money I gave them the less they worked. Absolutely ridiculous and sad sad sad. We even offered a $1000 cash referral reward for anyone who sent us a person who was willing to work past 30 days and was still at our company after 30 days. In fact even at the end of our store front we are still offering such a reward in hopes to recover by January 2019. I will not hold my breath.

  3. I see it all the time, people want to start at the top. My motto is when I start a job, keep mouth shut, work hard, if you fuck up own it. If you show you have work ethic people who's been there will teach you easier and better ways to complete the task at hand.

  4. Really? hahaha R U kidding me? I got my shoulder scrape after I fell on a sink hole driving the city bus (long story) and I kept working, never took a day off even supervisors said wow other drivers would had taken weeks off for that lol they just dont make them like us no more

  5. I wish those type of people could get fired for not working ..then the owner has to replace them..and leaves a void for others to do their job until another person is as an employer your should be that if you don't do the work you don't have a job.

  6. You got to be s….ing me.. I never called in sick and worked every Saturday..while I was salaried..Once I had an minor operation in the hospital for one day..back to work Monday. Even though my job required me to talk..the surgery was on my mouth…I'm older and we worked even though it was office work People depended on me to get a job done, even though I had to depend on others..I had to pick up the slack and I loved it. The busier I was the better..I also worked retail in the evening in a large department store and the young people always complained that they were tired..I told them I work a 9 hour job and come here and work here at night and weekends and I'm 3 times your eye how can you be tired. ?

  7. Wow tell that bee sting "victim" I have been stung on four occasions and got a total of six stings this year. All were when I was working outside at home. Two times I was push mowing 2/3 of the way down our 500' driveway got stung twice on my left ankle then the other time on my right ankle. What did I do ?I poured some water on them and tightened my boots then when I was done went in and put some anti itch stuff on them. One of the times was on my chest two quick strikes and in an instant turned red, just went in my shed put water then peroxide good to go. The other time I did not even know ,it was on my shoulder, my wife saw it and said "you got stung". As far as "circular saw man" goes it is probably a good thing for those around him that he does not know it plugs in. The " not my job "people could be former union workers that would have gotten in trouble for doing work not in their department and they still have that mindset. . My wife and I are planning on moving from western NY withing the next few years and this awesome rant lets me know we will be able to work circles around these people you describe. I was an assistant manager at a job and I saw and heard much of what you are talking about.

  8. Work ethic come to the Midwest… Self employed myself in the commercial cleaning business . You have to be motivated…or be poor lol.

    Time to get lumber yard stick out I think it's behind the frig lol….attitude adjustment .

    Old school here….. Happy turkey day!

  9. FSD!!! Yes yes YES!!!! I have been talking about the lack of good work ethics
    in the USA for many years. I was brought up by parents who had German,
    Polish and Hungarian ancestry. The culture I am most familiar with
    is Polish and in that culture, you either work or you starve. Simple formula.
    I was never exposed to this slacker culture till I moved away from
    the neighborhood I was raised in. I have a couple good
    friends, one is Palestinian and the other is Armenian. In their culture, they
    think nothing of working 7 days a week, 10 – 12 hours a day. They too can
    not understand this slacker mentality of people around here. Main stream
    America's culture of slackerism has proven to be a real wake up call
    for me. Also, the lack of morals also fascinates me.
    And people wonder why the USA is loosing ground to countries of the
    former Eastern Bloc. People here want $25 an hour for basically showing up.

  10. I honestly don't mind doing a simple job. Money is a motivation to a point. I just have no skill and have no clue where to even start with that haha. Responsibility needs to come back for sure. Honestly I was bad at that early on in my high school days but now way better.

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